Digital Native
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native helps executives decode, challenge
and empower successful digital transformations.

Digital transformation in one equation

We believe the magical formula for a successful digital transformation is easy to learn and hard to master. 





Looking for digital advisorship grounded in real-life experiences?

We help entrepreneurs and corporations define their digital strategy and design products, go-to-markets and business models unique to them. No post-it workshops, no generic methodologies but a strategic approach based on global business experience.


Want to challenge your thinking about your digital transformation and avoid technology pitfalls?

Our thought-provoking keynote sessions uniquely combine technology and human sciences and surface back purpose and responsibility out of the technological deluge.


Lost with the AI opportunity? Puzzled about Agile, UX or Generation Z? Struggling connecting the dots between business models and sales organizations?

We are partnering with Paris Sciences & Lettres, Europe’s #1 university to deliver “Digital Native“, the first executive certificate focused on decoding and mastering digital transformation.


We support start-ups and corporate executives to design their digital strategy,
challenge it and take it to the next level.


Inspire your teams with executive keynotes that trigger transformation

Grounded in the latest development in Artificial Intelligence, ethics, Generation Z, data economics or UX design, our executive keynotes enable your teams to understand the bigger picture of digital transformation and reconnect technology with practical business actions

Designing Digital Native Customer Experiences

It’s easy to confuse digital experiences with fancy technology applications. But bringing TikTok or ChatGPT to your customer stack will not be enough to nurture a truly digital relationships with your users. Let’s delve into the practical learnings of anthropology to discover what makes a truly digital experience.

The Great AI Disruption : Riding The AI wave

From the 2012-2017 academic revolution to ChatGPT taking the world by surprise late 2022, the last 10 years have been groundbreaking when it comes to AI. But what AI really means? How can your organisation ride the AI wave the right way?

Unlocking The Data Dividend : 5 Steps To Harness Your Data

Alas, data is not the new oil! While it’s tempting to use such metaphors, it misleads executives and teams when it comes to to deliver better business. Data requires more than extraction and packaging to bring value. It’s an entire new way of leading projects and the is a playbook for that.

Building A Digital Strategy That Works

Building a digital strategy that drives action is not a small feat! It requires much more than pilling technology such as GenAI, CRM or DMP up into an IT roadmap. Actually, designing a digital strategy that impacts business requires solid… business acumen first. Let’s discover the 4 steps to build a digital strategy that really works.

The Art Of Digital Platforms

YouTube is a platform. Netflix is not. That may seem a detail but it’s not. Actually, distinguishing between what makes (or not) a truly digital platform is fundamental to maximize your chances to leverage this powerful business model. Most organizations struggle to do it. Le’ts explore rhe rules and caveats to win with platforms.

Why Ethics Is The Ultimate Currency In A Digital-First World

Most organizations tend to regard ethics as an extension to compliance. And that is the problem. Ethics swifly becomes one of the most differentiating assets to lead and thrive with digital business. Let’s decode what it means and discover how to lead with ethics.

Generation Z: How To Adapt Your Organization To Digital Generations

WIth 4 generations collaborating together within organizations, managers and leaders need to cope with different ways of working and aspirations. By 2030, digital generations will stand for 60% of your workforce. Are you ready to onboard and empower them?

Going Metaverse: Should We Stay Or Should We Go?

Remember Metaverse? It sounds soooo 2021 right now. But things are moving fast and Apple Vision Pro may redefine how organizations think about the Augmented/Extended/Real Virtuality opportunity. Let’s see how organizations can explore these new virtuals worlds with flair and common sense. 


Because executives and organizational leaders need to master digital transformation and AI,
native partners with elite executive education institutions to deliver programs that truly make a difference


We know executives are time-poor and need insights and coaching that enable operational impact. This is why we are delivering the best of “digital transformation” executive education in three different flavors.


A 12h-long short online certificate delivered by PSL University. More information:


A 5-month Executive Certificate, covering the entire scope of Digital Transformation and AI.
More information:


A dedicated 3-day seminar on Digital Transformation included into the “Innovation Track” of Dauphine PSL 24-month Executive MBA


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say about native.

“We partnered with Nicolas to both redefine Creatis identity and support us in designing new offers. His approach enabled us to refocus on the big picture and rethink our strategy. 

His methodology is envisioning and practical and delivered swift operational outcomes. We encourage all of our incubated entrepreneurs to partner with Native, particularly when designing their products and offers. The Creatis ecosystem really enjoyed benefiting from Nicolas’s spot-on advisory, human-grounded active listening and business reactiveness”

Emilie Friedli

Managing Director,

“I recommend Native to all decision-makers who want to understand the digital environment, question the changes underway within organizations and acquire new tools to make the right business decisions.”

Mikael Lemarchand

Executive Director, CSR and Transformation, SNCF Group

“Working with Native simply means greater, faster impact for your business!

His analytical mind and executive experience enables Friesland Campina to accelerate our digital strategy and focus on what really matters for our customers and businesses and ultimately our organization.”  

Nathalie Brochand

Chief Marketing & Digital Officer
Friesland Campina

“I strongly recommend the Digital Native Executive Certificate to any executive who really wants to grasp the ongoing digital transformations, both from a technology and business perspectives. The frameworks and tools shared are very practical and easy to operationalize and really upgrade the digital conversation within your organization.”

Karine Samaha

VP & Global Product Head

“Leveraging his digital executive experience, Nicolas delivers a unique program, both inspiring and grounded in operational practice.

It combines proven business acumen with deep digital knowledge and enables business leaders to truly decode what is at stake and make the right strategic calls”.

Alexandre Heully

Head of Business Development PSL / Mines ParisTech University

“We had several ideas of business model, an existing business plan and some sort of strategy. Nicolas reviewed all of this and helped us to rethink our strategy.

That lead to pivoting our business model, a very fluid sales and investment pich deck as well as a strong story map of our product features. We definitely will be working with Native in the  near future”

Sylvan Ravinet

Co-founder and CEO

in native, they trust!

We are thrilled to be partnering with amazing customers. Start-ups, scale-ups and corporate customers: they all trust native to help them learn, grow and perform in a digital environment.

Our Team

native is partnering with recognized industry professionals and leading universities to bring the best of business and research together.

Nicolas Petit

Founder and CEO

With 18 years of global executive experience in Fortune 500 tech companies and having been instrumental in Microsoft business transformation, Nicolas is an internationally recognized technologist (European Commission, Forbes Magazine, Institut Choiseul, US Secretary of States, …) and visiting lecturer at Paris Sciences & Lettres University. He founded native to bring strategic clarity and operational excellence to digital native and non-native companies.

Paris Sciences & Lettres

University Partner

Ranked as France’s #1 university and Europe’s #3 in Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities, PSL is a high-profile research institutions, both for scientific research (AI, deep tech, automation, …) and business, engineering and human sciences.

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